When We Cease to Understand the World (Compact Disc)

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By Benjamin Labatut, Adam Barr (Read by)
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When We Cease to Understand the World is a book about the complicated links between scientific and mathematical discovery, madness, and destruction. Fritz Haber, Alexander Grothendieck, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schr dinger--these are some of the luminaries into whose troubled lives Benjam n Labatut thrusts the listener, showing us how they grappled with the most profound questions of existence. They have strokes of unparalleled genius, alienate friends and lovers, descend into isolation and insanity. Some of their discoveries reshape human life for the better; others pave the way to chaos and unimaginable suffering. The lines are never clear. At a breakneck pace and with a wealth of disturbing detail, Labatut uses the imaginative resources of fiction to tell the stories of the scientists and mathematicians who expanded our notions of the possible.
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ISBN: 9781666527506
ISBN-10: 1666527505
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: November 4th, 2021
Language: English