The Children's Dressing Book Sing to Independence: Parent /Caregiver Guide to Healthy Relationships & Social-Emotional Development (Paperback)

The Children's Dressing Book Sing to Independence: Parent /Caregiver Guide to Healthy Relationships & Social-Emotional Development By J. McTomlin Cover Image


The Children's Dressing Book: Sing to Independence helps make the process of teaching and learning how to get dressed more fun and successful!

In this book, a sweet, illustrated story weaves through the pages, as the steps of dressing are sung to the tune of familiar children's songs. Each step pairs lyrics with a clear photograph for visual reinforcement. These simple songs create consistency to the teaching approach and improve the child's participation as "work" is transformed into play.

Beyond the sneakers, the goal of this book is to provide important tools to build and strengthen foundations for healthy relationships and social-emotional development.  This guide includes, 8 "General Tips and Tricks," a "Typical Development of Dressing Skills Checklist," a "Dress for the Weather Chart," a "Morning Picture Schedule Example," a "Survival Suitcase" for parents and caregivers, and much more.

No instruments or musical background are needed to enjoy this book, as we help the children we love sing to independence with dressing and create a more joyful world, one sock at a time.

About the Author

Jenna's passion for creating children's books and poetry ignited after having two children of her own.

Nothing sparks inspiration like necessity.

As a mom and occupational therapist, she believes it is necessary for every child and their caregivers to share stories that encourage personal growth and foster healthy relationships with ourselves, each other, and the world around us all.

Although, technically an adult, Jenna never lost touch with her inner child. This inner child is devoted to daydreaming, seeing the positive potential in the world around her, and infusing silliness and laughter into daily life.

Her children are the light of her life and give her and her husband a fresh lens with which to view the world.

Jenna's family is her greatest source of inspiration, motivation, and support for turning the stories, poetry, and art swirling in her imagination into something to be shared.

?With time, these stories will become part of a growing collection of "mc tomlin books" which aims to spark wonder, share wisdom, celebrate whimsy, promote wellness, and always spread love.
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ISBN: 9781667862668
ISBN-10: 1667862669
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: October 7th, 2022
Pages: 50
Language: English