And A Freaky New Year (Paperback)

And A Freaky New Year By India T. Norfleet Cover Image


As a successful sex therapist, Justine Collins is frustrated that her own sex life is unfulfilling. Her many, eager jump-offs would've been perfect had she not suddenly become bored with their presence. Annoyed, she dismisses them all from her life, when no man seems to be able to measure up to her needs and wants. Justine is livid and starts to wonder if the reason she's not satisfied is because deep down she desperately longs for something more. Just as that possibility tries to sink in, Justine runs into Trell Davis at a local club and everything changes.When Trell Davis meets Justine, everything in him tells him that she's the one, so he confidently sticks to his beliefs. He just has to convince her that she can trust him with her heart. Determined to make her his, Trell sets out on a quest to make Justine his one and only. With jealousy, hate, and misery looming in the shadows strong enough to destroy any hope for a future, will unforeseen turmoil and pain take away everything he's ever wanted, or will these two seemingly kindred spirits be able to withstand the hurricane just in time to experience a very happy, freaky New Year?
Product Details
ISBN: 9798610530055
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 7th, 2020
Pages: 134
Language: English