Special Orders

If the book you want isn't already on our shelves, we'll order it for you - almost any book currently in print - without requiring prepayment or a service charge! Please make your inquiry at riverwalkbooksinfo@gmail.com or reach us by phone.The information you provide will help us to correctly identify the books you are looking for. Please let us know as much information as you have available: Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, Preferred binding format (hardcover, paperback, etc.).

If you are new to the Riverwalk Books, please take a moment to look over our ordering policies.

If you are (or plan to be) in the Lake Chelan Valley, you may wish to have books held for you at our store. Books that we have in stock will be held for 1 week; special orders will be held for up to 2 weeks. We usually notify customers of the arrival of special orders by phone. Payment is arranged at the time of pick-up unless you request otherwise.

Methods of payment
Credit cards:We accept Visa and Mastercard .

Acknowledgment of orders
Your Internet Store order will be acknowledged by electronic mail. Included in this message will be the estimated cost of the order and the approximate date of shipping.

Shipping & Handling Rates
Orders may be shipped anywhere in the world. Shipping & handling charges and appropriate sales taxes are added to all shipped orders. Orders for books that we have in stock will usually be shipped the next day. Titles that we must order from distributors and publishers will take longer. An estimate of the time to ship will be included in the acknowledgment of your order. All rates apply to each package shipped.

Prices and release dates quoted by publishers are subject to change. If our price for an item differs significantly from the price provided by the publisher, we will notify you and wait for your instruction to proceed with the order. Orders for newly released titles will be fulfilled as soon as they become available.

Rush orders

We can place rush orders to publishers for out-of-stock items that you would like to receive quickly but please read carefully as this service often disappoints. The cost for this service varies between $40 and $75, depending upon the price the publisher charges to us for shipping and handling. These costs are a direct pass-through to you and we will expect you to pay these extra charges even if you ultimately choose not to purchase the book or if it arrives too late for your needs.

Publishers are very inconsistent in how they handle these requests. For instance, it is not uncommon for a publisher to ship via overnight two days after the request is confirmed. We, therefore, cannot guarantee price or speed.

A bookseller will contact you to confirm order details.

Cancelling orders
If you must cancel an order, please notify us at (509) 682-8901 as soon as possible. Please include your name, the titles of the books, and a phone number or electronic mail address where you can be reached.